Surviving Disruption in the Energy & Utilities Industry To meet the increasing demands of the modern industrialized world, innovation in the energy sector must overcome many significant challenges. The industry is leading the way to an energy future that customers want. The innovation areas outlined in this research on 10 Energy Industry Trends scratch the surface of what we found during our analysis. The energy and utilities industry is undergoing a period of unprecedented transformation. In fact, as a veteran consultant in utility infrastructure engineering, I have been observing this first-hand, particularly with some of the public entities. Though the utilities industry … Renewable energy sources, energy asset management, smart energy meters, energy-as-a-service solutions, and electrification of vehicles are all areas bound to significantly impact energy … Some utilities are embracing even more radical change. Tailor your innovation program to the expectations, environment and resources of your utility. A future that is even cleaner and more connected, while ensuring that … The energy industry is changing. This month, President and CEO of IMA, Jeff Thomson, chats with CFO of Baltimore Gas & Electric, Dave Vahos, to … Innovation … The World Economic Forum is an independent international organization committed to improving the state of the world by engaging business, political, academic and other leaders of society to shape global, regional and industry … Most importantly, it will be crucial to efficiently harness renewable energy … This list is an ever-growing one as new areas of innovation are introduced to the industry on a regular basis. The unprecedented pace of change in the energy utility sector makes innovation more important than ever – but also creates a new challenge to understand what innovation … The ICE Utility Innovation Framework provides you with the flexibility to use industry … These leaders have begun to reinvent themselves, aggressively pursuing business model innovation and entering new markets for energy solutions and services. How innovation is revolutionizing the energy industry The power landscape is changing quickly, providing new opportunities for both upstarts and traditional utilities… They are targeting new value pools in areas as diverse as energy … The wave of technological innovations in the industry mean that … Building Resilience in the Utilities Industry for a Post-Pandemic Era Digital transformation will help utilities firms thrive amid such uncertainty.